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    May 2006

    New Online presence.

    I’ve decided to change my IM avatar to the following image: This is a conversation that I had this morning with Jen (the times in the log are not correct, it is a known bug for Gaim). Does he look like me? -T

    Ballet and Boygroove: Two recommended shows.

    This weekend, Jen and I saw Romeo and Juliet, staged by the National Ballet of Canada. It was a delightful show. Amazingly, I didn’t fall asleep. Seriously. I can think of several reasons: The music is memorable. I would be surprised if you didn’t recognize some of the music. The story is familiar with everyone. […]

    Acupuncture with Dr. Stanley Gwo Wuu Shyu

    [UPDATED: 2016/09/07]: I noticed some traffic to this page and looked into the dead links here.  I’ve reposted the files here. The PDF files are funny because it shows you what The Toronto Star’s website looked like back in 2006. So Jen and I have been receiving acupuncture from our TCM Doctor, Dr. Stanley Gwo […]

    Quick Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

    DK asked me how to move between worksheets in Excel. To navigate between worksheets in Excel, use CTRL + Page Up / Page Down. To navigate between workbooks (documents) in Excel, use CTRL + F6. Cheers, Tai

    Misc. Stuff

    Dinner tonight Jen and I had dinner tonight (during a weekday—how novel) at a local restaurant called Positano Restaurante Pizzeria. Great food. Jen had the pasta special, I had the veal chop. About 1 year ago, I would have never considered eating veal. Since high school environmental studies, I’ve avoided eating it based on an […]

    Running: Part 4

    I was booking it in the cemetary today. A combination of me starting late and my unwillingness to be locked inside the cemetary again made me run a little bit harder. I ran the same route in just under 30 minutes. I’ve been using the “exercise ball” for my crunches and push-ups…what a difference. Notes: […]

    Get a Mac Ad Campaign

    So I took the time to see the “tongue-and-cheek” humor of Apple’s new ad campaign called Get a Mac The videos show two people, each representing the PC and Mac. Typical to Mac-elitist fashion, the young-hipster-guy represents the Mac. Now, I’m not into the stereotypes promoted by these two characters—I’m somewhat atypical as a mac […]

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