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I'm a product person by trade. Doing VP-ish stuff around Toronto.

DIY Hometech

HP T620 thin client

[UPDATE – 2014/11/26: Made a few updates on the hardware.] [UPDATE – 2015/12/23: I ended up taking the Wireless N / Bluetooth combo card from the T610 and putting it in the T620] I’ve been fascinated with repurposing PC thin clients.  I like them because they are  virtually silent and very energy efficient1.  I’ve used […]

Setup pfSense as an OpenVPN client for specific devices

One of the most powerful features of pfSense is it’s ability to direct your data requests through different end-points using NAT rules. In my case, I like to be able to access the content in Netflix US. In comparison, Netflix Canada’s content is somewhat anemic, although we do get such gems as Community and the Good Wife here. There are many ways to access Netflix US content (and BBC iPlayer content) outside of the geo-fence territories. I prefer to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). pfSense is amazing as an OpenVPN client because I can selectively route any device on my network through the VPN service (i.e., my tablets and TV go through US servers, while my smartphone, VoIP, computers go my local ISP).

HP T610 thin client: low-powered, low-cost XBMC box

[UPDATE 2015/06/26]: I ended up buying an HP T620 for my XBMC box.  The T610 here is now my pfSense router firewall with a dual Intel Gigabit NIC. I’ve been looking for something to replace the aging Asus O!Play HDP-R1.   While the media player still plays all my content, the usability is absolutely atrocious.  It […]

pfSense on Watchguard Firebox x550e

[UPDATED – 2014-11-24]: I noticed that I had gotten the model wrong in the title of the article.  Fixed that. One of the odd things as I have moved up the food chain into (product) management is that I don’t have the opportunity to work directly on the products that teams build. Keeping a software […]

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