Clikstand Stove vs Trangia 27

From the “Sometimes, I need to get things out of my system” dept.

I go through these really intense periods of time where I obsess about a specific subject. Some common themes include cycling, computer networking, and camping stoves. I’m currently working through the latter as I reflect about the backpacking trip the family took into Algonquin Park this fall and my aspirations to combine my love of cycling with my joy of camping by doing a bikepacking trip in 2021. I explain this to Jen as me, “getting it out of my system.” Sometimes1Most of the times that requires random ecommerce purchases.

I love the Trangia system and was hoping to take my Trangia 27 with me solo bike packing, but I have been thinking that a lighter weight system is more appropriate. Specifically, the type of bags used in modern bike packing, make for storage of my Trangia 27 a bit difficult. So in an effort to slim things down, I’ve gone through two routes by purchasing:

There are several, influential sources that link the Clikstand to bikepacking:

I procured a used Evernew Titanium 900 ml pot (non-stick ECA422) to partner the Clikstand and was able to finally pit it against my vintage Trangia 27UL (mid-late 2000s). Testing was conducted outside under the following conditions using a 85:15 ethanol-to-methanol mix:

SystemFuel Air Temp Volume Water Temp Boil TimeBurn TimeWeight
Trangia 27 UL
(mid 2000s)
30 ml11˚C / 52˚F500 ml20˚C / 68˚F07:2712:15833g
Clikstand Sierra Combo
+ Evernew pot 900 ml
30 ml11˚C / 52˚F500 ml20˚C / 68˚F06:3010:55484g
The Clikstand burned hotter and faster and the total system weighs substantially less (with sponge, chamois, etc.).

The differences in boil and total burn times with the Trangia 27, a system from the mid-2000s, make me think that the Trangia burner needs to be replaced.

The biggest takeaway is the weight. An equivalent weighing, which removes the second 1L pot and firesteel that I typically store in the Trangia 27, is 484 g vs. 833g respectively, between the Clikstand system and Trangia.4Add another 102g, 80g and 45g for the pot, multi-disc and firesteel combo. FYI, the measured weights include other things that I store, like the solid fuel platforms, chamois, plastic Ziploc storage bags and half-cut Scotch-Brite sponges.

I wished it was a bit more windy during my test. I would love to see how the Clikstand performs in high winds. I can tell you that the Trangia is superb in this regard. The stability of the Trangia is also leagues ahead of the Clikstand. While the Clickstand was stable, the interface with the smooth surface of the Evernew made it slide quite a bit, but keep in minde that I’ve been spoiled with how well the Trangia works.

I feel a bit ashamed, as I haven’t had an opportunity to use the Trangia 27 outside of hypothetical boil tests and that I’m having a hard time trying to figure where it fits in all my camping gear. For instance, I could purchase a 1300 ml Evernew pot to added to the Clikstand and it would be a virtual equivalent, less the frying pan. I guess I need to use it to actually determine if the weight is worth the stability and windproof qualities.