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I'm a product person by trade. Doing VP-ish stuff around Toronto.


Kinesis Contoured Classic

Kinesis Contoured Classic QD (KB133PC/QD)

So one of my co-workers at Nulogy upgraded his aged Kinesis Classic QD. It’s an ancient, PS/2 mechanical keyboard (Cherry MX Brown switches) with combo QWERTY and DVORAK layouts . It’s equipped with a PS/2-to-USB adapter. Most old or broken equipment gets […]

Great read: McMansion Hell

I’m not much of a student of architecture when it comes to design, but I’ve recently been engrossed by “McMansion Hell“.1  It’s a snarky architecture blog about ugly houses. The McMansions 101 section is extremely educational. Did you know that there are 15 different jargon terms for the construction of a window? Fascinating.  Found via […]

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