The Nexus One 24-hour update

Some quick thoughts on the using the Nexus One (N1) for the last 24-hours.

It’s really, really fast

I know that there is a 1 GHz processor in the phone, but I am blown away with the speed. Keep in mind that I come from using anHTC Magic with the latest CursorSense ROM (based off the HTC Sense update from Rogers). Everything is faster. No more 2-3 second pause when rotating the phone—it’s like butter.

Screen is beautiful

Stunning. Absolutely stunning.

Typing is much faster, but not as convenient

The N1 screen being a bit larger than that of the Magic, translates into a larger Keyboard. In theory, Fitt’s Law says that will make typing faster, and it definitely is the case. The portrait orientation typing is now actually possible, and in landscape, the device is a joy to use. With the increase in raw performance, there is no longer any lag when typing—I am no longer holding back.

Unfortunately, the stock keyboard lacks some of the refinements that HTC has introduced with their Sense UI layer for Android. I really miss not having the secondary key mappings. What really drives me nuts is that their is no “comma” key on the alpha-keyboard; you are forced to toggle to the numeric-keyboard for it. Is it wrong to use proper punctuation in my messages?

I miss the Sense UI

HTC’s work on the Sense UI is really deep. Much deeper than TouchFlo ever went. I really appreciate how much work they did to smooth over the raw-edges of Android. It really makes a big impact (I can cite multiple examples, e.g., from the keyboard enhancements, to the fact you can quick dial by name from the dial pad). Their widgets are much better—I relied heavily on all of the widgets—I don’t use many of the built in Android widgetss.

I like the phone interface better

I don’t know, but for some reason, I like the default phone interface better than the HTC version. I really enjoy have the “Add”, “Mute”, “Speaker” buttons on screen, rather than in a menu. More convenient.

The phone is a bit too big

I really like the Magic’s physical form factor. The size feels like a phone, I can easily use the device with one hand (I have small hands)—I even like the chin (it makes it easy to hold it horizontally). The N1 is a larger phone. It has a beautiful screen, and the size makes typing really easy. However, I have a hard time using the device with one hand. I’m fearful that I am going to drop it. Perhaps things will be better when I get my BestSkinEver invisible shield.

The browser is awesome

I feel stupid for ever purchasing an N800 from Nokia. The only thing I can say is that at least I got a half-price during a Dell Christmas sale. Browsing is awesome. I’m am most impressed. It’s nearly as good as the iPhone 3GS. Wonderful.

Not really a business phone (not yet at least)

No corporate calendaring and no corporate address book look-up. Brutal. Definitely a step back from how I use my Magic. I don’t know why Google didn’t include it, but I hope it makes it in eventually (2.3? 3.0?). Updates from Google is why I bought the phone. By the 10th hour, I had already rooted the phone. Tonight I did a clean wipe and installed Enomther’s TheOfficial Nexus1ROM from XDA-developers. It addresses most of my issues by including the calendaring application from the Motorola Milestone.

Android App Market is much improved

We’re talking magnitudes of difference from 1.5.

Google Apps are still the best apps in the library, bar none

Maps, Talk, Gmail, Listen, etc. can’t be beat. Still the best things there.

That’s it for now. I’ll post more when I learn more.