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Review: Into the Woods Film (2014)

I want to thank Ben and Sara for taking the kids out to Disney on Ice at the Rogers Centre this past Saturday. It’s been a while that Jen and I spent time together alone and we decided to watch Into the Woods at the Don Mills Cineplex VIP1. Now, I’ve seen a stage production […] reviews the Kobo H2O

Jordan Shapiro writes 3 Reasons Why Kobo’s Aura H20 is the Perfect Luxury E-Reader:  Kobo is the quiet Kindle competitor–the underdog in the eReader market. They released their most recent premium eReader at the beginning of October. I’ve been reading on the Aura H2O ever since. I sometimes use my Kindle Paperwhite when I have […]

The Nexus One 24-hour update

Some quick thoughts on the using the Nexus One (N1) for the last 24-hours. It’s really, really fast I know that there is a 1 GHz processor in the phone, but I am blown away with the speed. Keep in mind that I come from using anHTC Magic with the latest CursorSense ROM (based off […]

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