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Android security progress

In a somewhat “click-bait”-y title1 on Motherboard, Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai quotes the Director of Security for Android: “For almost all threat models,” Adrian Ludwig, the director of security at Android, referring to the level of security needed by most people, “they are nearly identical in terms of their platform-level capabilities.” In a short interview after a […]

My post in

I am part of a mobile phone enthusiast community called HowardForums. In the Nexus One, there was a post regarding moving back to the iPhone 4. I felt uniquely qualified in responding given that I own both phones and I’ve been thinking about the two handsets a lot. Here is the originating post by DaveTO: […]

Android vs iOS4 – Software

So I’ve been dreading this post. Absolutely dreading it. I think it’s because I’m so torn. Both platforms offer so much, they each do things better than the other. iOS and Android embody each company’s view on design It breaks down to something I twittered recently: @thebigjc @sameerhasan Apple is all about having a finished […]

iPhone4 vs Nexus One: More thoughts on hardware

I have a penchant for reading my posts several days later, and I realize that there is an aspect of day-to-day use that I haven’t addressed so far. First off, this is really a comparison between the Nexus One and iPhone 4. The N1 is rooted and runs a cooked ROM known as the TheOfficial, […]

The Nexus One 24-hour update

Some quick thoughts on the using the Nexus One (N1) for the last 24-hours. It’s really, really fast I know that there is a 1 GHz processor in the phone, but I am blown away with the speed. Keep in mind that I come from using anHTC Magic with the latest CursorSense ROM (based off […]

While such attention to detail may not be appreciated in the specific case, however, I’ve found that in aggregate it leads to an overall impression of quality that attracts the kind of fanatically devoted users who form the backbone of a growing, long term user base. Shipping quality is a longer, tougher road than just shipping whatever to be first to market, and its benefits tend to be realized more slowly, but if you want users to love your software as a brand, and not merely use it as a commodity, it’s the only way.

He totally nails it. It’s all in the details, and I think that the Android ecosystem will struggle with this for a long time.


Thoughts on Android

I had a chance to trial a Vodafone HTC Magic (from the UK) this weekend. It’s uses the Google-experience flavour of Android and as such I was not able to connect it to my client’s corporate email account. Total bummer. If I were to purchase a Rogers Wireless version, I’d get the ability to use […]

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