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I am part of a mobile phone enthusiast community called HowardForums. In the Nexus One, there was a post regarding moving back to the iPhone 4. I felt uniquely qualified in responding given that I own both phones and I’ve been thinking about the two handsets a lot. Here is the originating post by DaveTO: […]

iPhone4 vs Nexus One: More thoughts on hardware

I have a penchant for reading my posts several days later, and I realize that there is an aspect of day-to-day use that I haven’t addressed so far. First off, this is really a comparison between the Nexus One and iPhone 4. The N1 is rooted and runs a cooked ROM known as the TheOfficial, […]

iPhone 4 vs Nexus One: Hardware

So on launch day, I lined up with the Kobo crew to procure some iPhone 4’s for the office. I ended up keeping a 16GB unlocked version for myself. For a person who already has a Google Nexus One smartphone, I am struggling adjusting to the iPhone. So I wanted to write my thoughts somewhere, […]

Protecting the Nexus One: Best Skin Ever

In what is sure to be a multi-part series of articles, I have purchased extra protection for my Nexus One. I’ve been trolling through the forums to see what is out there in terms of cases for the Nexus One. Right now, I use an old Blackberry Bold side-holster case to carry it. While I’m […]

The Nexus One 24-hour update

Some quick thoughts on the using the Nexus One (N1) for the last 24-hours. It’s really, really fast I know that there is a 1 GHz processor in the phone, but I am blown away with the speed. Keep in mind that I come from using anHTC Magic with the latest CursorSense ROM (based off […]

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