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Kinesis Contoured Classic

Kinesis Contoured Classic QD (KB133PC/QD)

So one of my co-workers at Nulogy upgraded his aged Kinesis Classic QD. It’s an ancient, PS/2 mechanical keyboard (Cherry MX Brown switches) with combo QWERTY and DVORAK layouts1They stopped manufacturing these models in 2006. It doesn’t even have a Windows key. . It’s equipped with a PS/2-to-USB adapter. Most old or broken equipment gets […]

Luma Labs Cinch Review

I ordered the Cinch camera strap the morning that I got the email on December 26th, 2011. I’ve wanted a Luma Labs sling ever since they first came out. Thoughts after using it over the last 4 months: Stable Comfortable Easy to use Versatile Beautiful The one thing that I don’t like: No swivel. While […]

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