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    Artificial Intelligence

    Jen and I watched A.I. yesterday—Stanley Kubrick, as realised by Steven Spielberg. It was a wholly forgetable movie.

    Except for Teddy.

    Jen liked Teddy.

    But I think most women are prone to like fuzzy, cute things.

    Anyways, as I was telling Kevin—better yet, I’ll just show you the MSN Log:

    Tai and Kev talking about AI over MSN



    Remembering the past few days; a retrospect

    Seems I’ve been too lax on the update of my weblog.

    From the “When Information Dies” Dept.

    I’ve always sucked at keeping a journal. Unknownst to most, I actually kept a journal for my last year of High School and the first year of University. It’s a long text file that resides on the old 486 that my brother, Kai, now uses. Of course, it’s encrypted…and I’ve probably forgotten the password. It’s also a MS Word 2.0 document, so it’s probably suffered the same fate as the Domesday Book—an inventory of eleventh-century England compiled in 1086 by Norman monks that was transcribed digitally in 1986 by the BBC to showoff the latest and greatest in digital Archiving. The format used by the BBC? The Laser disc.

    Fast forward to today, 16 years later: Nothing can read the data on the those discs.

    Much like my journal, the information is “dead“. I don’t think that MS Office XP or MS Office v.X (mac) can read the MS Word 2.0 doc.

    BTW, the original book, written in 1086, is alive and doing well thank you very much.

    At the bitter end of the journal project v1, I was updating it on a year to year basis. Since I kept the journal on my computer for about 2 1/2 years, well, when you do the math, carrying over the 1 and such—you get the picture.

    I guess we’re lucky that Shakespeare didn’t write on an old PC.

    From the “ERGOnomical” Dept.

    Another thing that I wanted to talk about, but slipped my mind. About two weeks ago Microsoft released the X-Box in Japan with much fanfare. Now I know it sounds geeky, but looks the MS finally listened to their customers and redesigned the controllers on the Xbox; they’ve been localised for the smaller hands of the Japanese and asian markets. Sounds stupid, but I could never figure out why MS designed a controller as large as the one in the North American Xbox. Especially since children are one of the major pushes for selling the damn thing. Perhaps they expect them to “grow into them”.

    From the “What I Did Last Week” Dept.

    Had a good time during Jen’s birthday celebration. Us and 16 others went to an Italian restaurant in Little Italy called “Giovanas”. Had to spend an extra $55 to cover some “social loafers” — it OKAY, social loafing naturally occurs, I do it myself all the time — which left me with $10 in my wallet and a $12 cover charge that still had to be paid.

    Thanks Eric. Thanks for spotting me the 2 bucks.

    Had an absolutely wicked time at the Revival. We saw a funk/melange band from Winnipeg (Jen’s old hometown) called Moses Mayes who opened for an absolutely amazing band from TO called the Pocket Dwellers.

    Very cool. Great Vibe.

    Eric has a much more detailed review of the performance with some pictures to boot too.

    Cris and Dave also came out all the way from Milwalkee. Sorry for ruining the surprise, Cris.

    I got Jen tickets to the Garth Fagan Dance Troupe on March 23rd. Hopefully, it’s as interesting as Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal.



    First Page Up.

    Hey all, you can see the first page of pixels and widgets.

    I tried to keep simple and elegant. None of the other pages are up, but they will look rather similar I think.

    Now If I can only get the damn weblog to appear properly.



    thoughts on Human Factors

    Cam Ngo mentioned something in passing that I wanted to touch-base upon.

    Here’s a brief excerpt of an conversation that we had.

    Tai Toh says: Good luck….btw, have you started reading the book we gave you?
    Dem Canucks can skate (y) says: yep
    Dem Canucks can skate (y) says: Pretty interesting
    Tai Toh says: nice.
    Dem Canucks can skate (y) says: gave examples in fields I never considered would need hf
    Dem Canucks can skate (y) says:which is kind of silly for me to say
    Dem Canucks can skate (y) says: because anything that requires human interaction requires hf

    Human factors, [good] design.  It’s all kind of the same thing, no?

    A late night conversation with Jen

    It’s 3:00 am, Sunday, February 24th, 2002.

    I had just gotten into bed after watching a late night show of MissionHill (a cartoon from the Canadian version of CartoonNetwork, Teletoon).

    Jen started talking in her sleep. This is what she said:

    Jen: What animal did you put?
    Tai: WHAT?!
    Jen: What animal did you put?
    Tai: Um, a Tiger.
    Jen: Oh, okay.
    Tai: Umm, What animal did you put?
    Jen: I don’t know.

    5 minutes later:

    Tai: Jen, what animal did you put?
    Jen: I don’t remember.

    End conversation.

    Proud to be a KINadian and all that jazz.

    Today was an exciting day for Hockey fans across North America. Yes, even for the Americans; it was a great game.

    Canada ended up with 17 medals this year, besting our showing in Nagano by two (and with 6 gold medals to boot). Not too shabby. Got to love it.

    Had an interesting experience while watching the game at my home in Markham. I decided to call Byron and we chatted while watching the game. Then at around the 3rd period, I conference called Kev, who soon conference called Vi. Well, while it was a night out with the boyz, it sure came pretty close (even with the five second delay with Kevin).

    Tai, Jen, Kai, Byron and Vi (and most of Canada): 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3…
    Kevin (five seconds later): 10, 9, 8…

    Damn, I think we kind of ruined it for him because we’d be seeing things five seconds before Kevin did. Damn that Bell ExpressVu.

    Well, I went to Les Ballet Jazz de Montreal last Friday Night. It wasn’t a total disaster; it was rather good in my opinion. Things that made it good for me:

    1. The dance sets were short. They ranged from 3-10 minutes
    2. They used music that made sense. It had lyrics, so it was very obvious to me as to what they were trying to say.
    3. No one, except the women, wore tights (and that was only in a few instances)
    4. The music was Jazzy.

    I also admired the pure athleticism of the dancers. From a Kinesiological point-of-view, there was a lot of amplitude with very high impulse (in non-plus terms: Powerful and Fast movements). It was all kind of like an extended GAP commercialÑa lot of people dancing wearing the same type of clothing.

    The dancers were having fun and so was I.



    Things that I do for my girlfriend

    Good day folks.

    I like to think of myself as an open kind of guy, willing to experience new things, sensations, etc. However, I continually amaze myself by just how far I’m willing to go. Take tonight for instance: I’m going to “Les Ballet jazz de MontrŽeal“ with Jen. Apparently, “The company has always been a crowd pleaser since its founding in 1972”, and it is known for rather sexy choreography. So popular they are in fact, that Jen was only able to get separate seats for us.

    Fun Stuff. Good Times.

    Now, I just want to explicitly say that I’m not being dragged into this by Jen (she’s not strong arming me), I’m going on my own cognisance. <wink, wink, nudge, nudge>

    So let’s hope that this Jazz Ballet will indeed be fun stuff and good times.

    Some other things of note: Almost finished the website, will probably apply the template in the next few days.

    Just remember, that tonight I’ll be sitting inside the premiere dance theatre by myself trying to interpret the foreign language of jazz ballet.



    On Canadian Hockey, Spanish Food, and Keeping in touch with others

    Ah, a glorious morning here in TO.

    Right now, as any good Canadian would tell you, the entire country is focused on the Men’s National Hockey Team and their late night victory over Finland.

    I’m amazed at the feelings that a simple hockey game can arouse: Anger, Fear, Elation–all that and more packed down into 3, 20-minute periods. The amazing thing about it is that I’m watching it all on TV two time zones away. It’s all so very distant, but it hits so close to home. I had to admit, I get nervous watching the Canadian Men play, moreover, I was totally spent (READ: EMOTIONALLY DRAINED) after yesterday’s game. Granted, Belarus should be a walk-in-the-park for Canada come Friday, but you never know.

    Anybody up for Miracle on Ice 3?

    I would also like to address this point: While the Canadian Men can smell Gold, it’s the <strong>Canadian Women</strong> who will be playing for it. Their run for the gold medal hasn’t really been covered and we should all give them our support. I must admit though, I like watching Men’s Hockey more than Women’s, and I still disagree with Professor Nancy Theburge’s opinion that there is enough room and desire for a Professional Women’s Hockey League.

    …but I digress.

    Went out to a restaurant called “A Taste of Spain” last night with Jen. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate it 7. Good food, fast, but it doesn’t compare to the authentic stuff you get in Barcelona, Spain. The Paella was okay, could have been better if they had marinated the mussels and the clams. Presentation could be better. All in all, a positive experience. Expect to spend about $50 a person.

    Can’t wait to try Terra.

    Finally, the last thing I’ve been thinking about recently is the idea that the Internet affords an easier medium for keeping in touch with others. I find that even with email and instant messaging, I still let friends fall through the cracks. The Internet is a great medium for social interaction, in fact, this weblog seems to fulfill that need to share. But it’s not the same. It’s not like a hand written letter, or correspondence between two people lasting a lifetime in ink and paper. Oh well, I must be one lazy SOB.



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