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    Apple Touch Bar & Microsoft Surface Dial: Two separate solutions for the same problem

    Yesterday, Microsoft announced their all-in-one Surface Studio PC featuring a very clever integrated zero-force monitor arm.  It reminded me of Wacom’s Cintiq line of visual graphic tablets. Now the Surface Studio  isn’t cheap ($2,999 USD for the base model), but I’m actually more intrigued by the new Surface Dial that they released as an add-on accessory […]

    Hackintosh thoughts

    File this under the the First-World-Problems Dept. I have owned and used Apple computers since 1996. Here is the list: 1996: The first was shared with my brother, an Apple Performa 6400. 2002: iBook G3 600 MHz 2007:  15-inch MacBook Pro, Core 2 Duo (Santa Rosa) 2009: Late-2008, 15-inch MacBook Pro, Unibody I’m generally happy with […]

    Apple Pay: Addressing a customer problem

    A lot of people think that Apple is about selling more hardware, creating lust for their products, but deep down, I feel that they are trying to address real problems and pain points for their customers. It’s remarkably simple, but often times, the tension between business needs and customer needs leads to a blurred product vision.  I’ve […]

    Here’s the thing. Apple’s been here before. Jobs missed most of 2009, and when he returned, it was a while before he got back to full time. The product cycle continued. Existing products were improved. New products were released. Future products progressed in development. Was it the same without him? No, of course not. Did the company function just fine? Yes.

    Best wishes to a true visionary.

    I am hopeful that he makes a full recovery. Apple is in the strongest position on so many fronts (music, mobile, high-margin PCs). There is no better time to leave, but I wouldn’t want that. He has a few more years in him I think. Steve Jobs has really pushed my industry, User Experience, I am thankful that he has such great taste.

    Should the worse happen, Apple will be fine for the next 2-years. The product development cycle is about 18-months; after that, we’ll see the true test of Apple as a company, culture, and icon.


    You’re missing the Big Picture. Fact is, there’s not a corporation on Earth that wouldn’t be improved by putting Steve Jobs in charge.

    In response to Ray Sun’s “Why Facebook Badly Needs Steve Jobs“.

    Total un-abashed Apple fan-boyism here: while Ray Sun makes some good points in his blog post, I think “@Mister Snitch!” nails here—any company, whether they build phones, make movies, make software would benefit with a CEO like Steve Jobs.

    iPhone (iFun) for a Weekend

    I had a chance to take the iPhone from work and use it over the past weekend and I felt that I should write about it. The process was very simple: Just switch SIM cards and sync my contacts, email settings using iTunes. It was so seamless. Pretty jaw dropping if you have a Mac […]

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