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Clikstand Stove vs Trangia 27

From the “Sometimes, I need to get things out of my system” dept. I go through these really intense periods of time where I obsess about a specific subject. Some common themes include cycling, computer networking, and camping stoves. I’m currently working through the latter as I reflect about the backpacking trip the family took […]

Titanium Siphon Stove

As much as I love the Trangia cooking system, if you are by yourself and just need to boil water, there are lighter tools that can be used. I mentioned some alternatives in my previous post: Toaks Siphon Stove (22 g, H: 43 mm, W: 50mm), and Clikstand Alcohol Stove System Firebox Nano I’ve been […]

Trangia Stoves: In appreciation of good design

Every week I sit with the design team at Nulogy to run a critique session on their work but I have since started a new tradition of icebreaker questions for the team to improve shared understanding at the personal level and team safety in general. One of the questions I asked was tell me object […]

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