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    April 2006

    Running: Part 2

    I went out for my second run through the cemetary. Passed by the grave of the Alexander Muir, composer of Canada’s official song: The Maple Leaf Forever [lyrics and midi file]. This was Canada’s un-official anthem until O-Canada. Up until today, I had never heard of it before. I still marvel at how beautiful the […]

    Weekend Review

    Baseball I saw a great basebal game at the Rogers Centre (formerly known as the Skydome). It was the Boston Red Sox versus the Toronto Blue Jays. Great game, and Toronto won 6-7 in the bottom of the 12 inning. To top it off, we crushed the Sox 1-8 on Saturday’s game. Watching that game […]

    IM Clients

    I recently got rid of the multiple IM clients for windows and the mac and started using those über clients which handle all the common protocols (MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, Jabber, etc.). Couldn’t handle all the multiple windows opening at the same time—just plain annoying. For Mac OS X, I am using Adium, it’s based on […]

    jEdit Tip: Jump to the end of the tag

    NOTE: The following is very esoteric and technical in nature Found this interesting tip while perusing the jEdit mailing lists last night (fun filled…): Here’s the problem: Have you ever been working on HTML / XML code and wanted to see the bottom or closing tag? Jedit has this great feature that shows a line […]

    Horror Movie Setting

    Imagine it is the middle of the night. The moon is waning, and the mists begin to rise. Along side the trail that you are standing in, gravestones frame each and every bend. You are surrounded, lost within a grave yard. Great horror movie plot, eh? That’s what happened to me tonight while I was […]

    Terence’s New House

    Congrats buddy. Just north of Kensington and you can open that Art Shop you always wanted. Congrats to both Terence and Natasha, we welcome them to the land of home ownership. It is a 2-floor, 1800 sq. ft. house is located north of Kensington Market, downtown Toronto. It features 3+ parking spots, a secret garden […]

    Webhosting – Some truths

    Since I run my own server, some of the things that I have always wondered is whether I am wasting my time with all of this stuff, and if purchasing a shared webhosting space with an ISP is the way to go. A friend recently asked me which webhost I would choose. Through my research […]

    Joomla! CMS for simpletons

    I first ran across Mambo CMS a long while back when I was struggling to choose a CMS for IA Dynamo. Late in 2005, most of the core 3rd-party developers forked Mambo and created Joomla!. I ended up choosing textpattern. When I joined Imprints Group, a revamp of the site was very necessary. It had […]

    Wireless Woes Continue

    So after chatting with my ISP, Teksavvy, it was determined that my router seems to be the cause for the frequent disconnects. So I flashed my router with the latest HyperWRT-Thibor release firmware. You can read about at it’s Wikipedia page. I hope that this will stop the wireless dropouts as well as improve my […]

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