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@Kobo: It’s been a slice

Today was my last day at Kobo. Over the past seven years, I have forgotten more war-stories than I remember. What is left are positive memories of Kobo, née ShortCovers, bringing digital reading to the masses through our mobile apps; anytime & anyplace. It’s followed by us dreaming big and making our mark on the […] reviews the Kobo H2O

Jordan Shapiro writes 3 Reasons Why Kobo’s Aura H20 is the Perfect Luxury E-Reader:  Kobo is the quiet Kindle competitor–the underdog in the eReader market. They released their most recent premium eReader at the beginning of October. I’ve been reading on the Aura H2O ever since. I sometimes use my Kindle Paperwhite when I have […]

There’s a reason why most page layout programs considered “Hyphenation and Justification” to be two aspects of the same feature. I strongly agree that you should never use justification without good hyphenation — let alone without any hyphenation at all.

From John Gruber regarding Safari’s Use of Justified Text in Reader

This, my friends, is why the Kobo eReader doesn’t support justification. Without a proper implementation of hyphenation, the text becomes less readable.

Pretty historic 2 weeks for me

A year ago, if you asked me what I was doing, I would have said, “No biggie, just designing an eReader application for the iPhone.” Since then, I’ve worked on the mobile architecture for the iPhone, BlackBerry, Pre and Android. The past two weeks saw Kobo announcing their new eReader device for our retail partners, […]

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