I’ve been shining my shoes wrong all this time

I’ve owned and abused shoes for decades. As my professional life has on occasion, I’d take out the old kiwi wax polish, buff my shoes and spray them down with whatever water repellent spray I had on hand.

This year, when I went to the Gartner Executive Supply Chain Conference, I had to upgrade my wardrobe quite substantially (Thanks to Trevor and Alex at The Source!). I also bought a pair of tan dress shoes from Johnston and Murphy. Through that, I’ve had to relearn how to take care of my shoes. That Kiwi polish? Shit. It’s all about leather conditioners, shoe cream and horse hair brushes.

I’ve been a steady customer of Johnston and Murphy and Ecco shoes. My research into proper shoe care has really opened me up to the world of hand made leather shoes and the craft that cobblers bring to the art. It is fascinating! Stunningly expensive too! The likes of Edward Green and Co. and Edmond Allen Shoe Company!

Resources that I have found useful: