Lightning does strikes twice – Linux and Git

We all know that Linus Torvalds is the father of the Linux kernel. It’s the guts of an Operating System that can be found powering a multitude of devices, from the majority of smartphones and tablets (android), the majority of servers that power the Web, the embedded OS for the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart TVs, Kobo eReaders and even some PCs and Laptops.

What many forget is that Linus is also the father of Git, the most widely used  source control management tool in use today developers all over the world.

While it’s easy to argue that the Linux Kernel will be what Linus is remembered for–there are other players that have also contributed to Linux’s success.  It could be said that the broader impact he has made to computing and development will be Git (which just celebrated it’s 10-year anniversary this week).

In my mind, they are accomplishments of equal scale.  That is just a rarity.  Simply amazing.