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    September 2014

    Ars Technica: Review of iOS 8

    As expected, Ars Technica presents their usual deep analysis of iOS 8:  iOS 7 and iOS 8 feel like two halves of the same update, two equally necessary steps in the journey from Old iOS to Modern iOS. iOS 7 was a facelift, a new release that added some nice user- and developer- facing features […]

    Techcrunch reviews the Kobo H2O:

     “Kobo’s offering is the peak in terms of e-reader hardware right now – Amazon’s device is slightly smaller and lighter, but you get a far superior screen from the Aura H2O, as well as the built-in water resistance and superior reading light. The only thing you don’t get access to is your Amazon content library – which can be a big turn-off if you’ve already invested heavily in the Kindle ecosystem.

    Ecosystem lock-in aside, Rakuten-owned Kobo has executed perfectly on e-reader hardware with the Aura H2O – so much so that even if you are invested in Amazon’s bookstore, if you’re a true lover of reading, it could be worth the switch.”

    Great work from my team at Kobo.  I’m so proud of the team who pulled this off.

    Old blog posts added

    [UPDATE 09/20/2014] I have completed Drupal migration. [UPDATE 09/28/2014] I’ve added my old Movable Type posts.  Still a lot of cleansing that has to happen and relinking of images. [UPDATE 09/30/2014] I have cleansed and reformatted posts to Jan 2003. Still trying to figure out if I should bring in the comments. I have finally begun the arduous process […]

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