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Tai Toh

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    January 2012

    Thinking about mathematics

    I found an amazing Quora answer on “What is it like to have an understanding of very advanced mathematics?” in my RSS at both and [blockquote] You can answer many seemingly difficult questions quickly. But you are not very impressed by what can look like magic, because you know the trick. The trick is […]

    MG Seigler writes:

    Here’s the thing: while some try to paint comments as a form of democracy, that’s bullshit. 99.9% of comments are bile. I’ve heard the counter arguments about how you need to curate and manage your comments — okay, I’m doing that by not allowing any.

    I’m Starting to feel more comfortable leaving them off.

    Ownership of what you write

    I had the opportunity to read more blogs and listen to a few podcasts this past holiday. In particular I started listening to the B & B Podcast by Benjamin Brooks and Shawn Blanc and Back to Work with Dan Benjamin and Merlin Mann. When you start consuming one media form (e.g., a blog) you […]

    Happy New Year

    To the handful of readers out there who actually read this cubbyhole of a website, Happy New Year and best wishes to you, your family and the people (or pets) you love. In the past, I’ve struggled with the end-of-year post. Is it a year-in-review post? Should I create a top 10 list? In the […]

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