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Tai Toh

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    December 2011

    Finding time to write

    I’ve been thinking of the Writer’s Process and I’ve been wondering how to best optimize my time so that I can write more. Aside: It occurs to me that I really should just concentrate on writing rather than wasting time focused on things that don’t actually contribute to the content authored in this blog. I […]

    Siri, where are you?

    When I was on the plane from San Fran to Toronto, I managed to watch a Nova episode called “The Smartest Machine on Earth” about the development of Watson, IBM’s computer that bested Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter in the 3-day Jeopardy challenge. It documented the challenges of computationally interpreting the English language. For those […]


    On globetrotting I don’t know how Mike does it, or any of the executives that I know. Travelling across the world on a plane, even in business class just ruins the body. I suppose you get use to it after a time. Anyways, I had the opportunity to travel to Paris (with about 24-hours notice), […]

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