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    January 2011

    Here’s the thing. Apple’s been here before. Jobs missed most of 2009, and when he returned, it was a while before he got back to full time. The product cycle continued. Existing products were improved. New products were released. Future products progressed in development. Was it the same without him? No, of course not. Did the company function just fine? Yes.

    Best wishes to a true visionary.

    I am hopeful that he makes a full recovery. Apple is in the strongest position on so many fronts (music, mobile, high-margin PCs). There is no better time to leave, but I wouldn’t want that. He has a few more years in him I think. Steve Jobs has really pushed my industry, User Experience, I am thankful that he has such great taste.

    Should the worse happen, Apple will be fine for the next 2-years. The product development cycle is about 18-months; after that, we’ll see the true test of Apple as a company, culture, and icon.


    Nokia N8 – More thoughts, Days 8 to 14

    [Updated – 01/07/2011]: @WOMWorld has provided me with a replacement unit. Brilliant. Thanks Chris! I continue to feel mixed emotions when I use this phone. Symbian is like an old glove—it fits so well, but it feels a bit worn. The continuing standouts points for me about this phone are: The Camera – Stunning 720p […]

    My sister got a Samsung Focus for her birthday. She’s 18, uses a Mac and lives on Facebook. She loves it. I don’t think Microsoft is targeting the hardcore geeks and power users with Windows Phone 7. I think they’re targeting the Blackberry users and first time smartphone customers who want a constant connection.

    from Justin William’s review of the Samsung Focus and Windows Phone 7.

    That’s how I felt as well. In particular having purchased a Samsung Focus for the UX team at Kobo and using it, it’s definitely not marketed at Android users or iPhone users. It’s for the people who are looking to move from a “Feature Phone” to a “Smartphone”. As Horace Deidu says in his asymco blog: “What history shows is that consumers have been happy to trade up to technology that offers more option value.

    Nokia N8 – A Braindump of my First 7 Days

    [UPDATE (01/04/2011)]: Unfortunately the phone died today. I’m working with @WOMworld to see if I can get a replacement. [UPDATE (01/07/2011)]: @WOMworld has promised to send me a new device. Thanks to @womworld for providing me with a Nokia N8 mobile phone. It’s Nokia’s top-of-the-line phone running the latest version of the Symbian OS, Symbian^3. […]

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