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Tai Toh

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    November 2010

    You’re missing the Big Picture. Fact is, there’s not a corporation on Earth that wouldn’t be improved by putting Steve Jobs in charge.

    In response to Ray Sun’s “Why Facebook Badly Needs Steve Jobs“.

    Total un-abashed Apple fan-boyism here: while Ray Sun makes some good points in his blog post, I think “@Mister Snitch!” nails here—any company, whether they build phones, make movies, make software would benefit with a CEO like Steve Jobs.

    My brief encounter with the Nokia n8

    Thanks to @WOMworld for inviting me to the Nokia n8 launch event held at Bang & Olufsen, Toronto. It was busier than I expected—a lot of media types there. I had a good chat with one of the reps stationed at the OVI stand. Overall, very impressive launch: Awesome camera. I mean, truly best in […]

    Can’t wait to see what Symbian^3 has to offer

    I was surprised to find an email from WOMWorld/Nokia (they’re a Nokia sponsored site that pretty much covers all things Nokia) gauging my interest to participate in a Meetup tomorrow. Sounds fantastic. I’ve already offered several ideas to the Symbian UI Brainstorm and have chatted with Scott W. at the Symbian Foundation. I’d love to […]

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