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Tai Toh

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    April 2010

    iPhone 4 vs Nexus One: Hardware

    So on launch day, I lined up with the Kobo crew to procure some iPhone 4’s for the office. I ended up keeping a 16GB unlocked version for myself. For a person who already has a Google Nexus One smartphone, I am struggling adjusting to the iPhone. So I wanted to write my thoughts somewhere, […]

    Pretty historic 2 weeks for me

    A year ago, if you asked me what I was doing, I would have said, “No biggie, just designing an eReader application for the iPhone.” Since then, I’ve worked on the mobile architecture for the iPhone, BlackBerry, Pre and Android. The past two weeks saw Kobo announcing their new eReader device for our retail partners, […]

    Protecting the Nexus One: Best Skin Ever

    In what is sure to be a multi-part series of articles, I have purchased extra protection for my Nexus One. I’ve been trolling through the forums to see what is out there in terms of cases for the Nexus One. Right now, I use an old Blackberry Bold side-holster case to carry it. While I’m […]

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