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Tai Toh

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    January 2009

    MacBook Pro Woes… Again.

    I took this picture of the ports on my MacBook Pro (2007 Santa Rosa). I have bought a new FW800 enclosure, but the port on the MacBook Pro is recessed about 2mm and I cannot attach the enclosure properly (although the FW400 and USB2 connections work well on the enclosure). Can anyone say lemon?

    Restoring a 100 year-old clock

    I was at my parent’s house on New Years Day with Jen and my daughter, Evy. I walked into my Dad’s workshop (he’s a 3rd generation watchmaker by trade), where he showed me this 100 year-old clock he was restoring for Odyssey Time’s president (they are Seiko Canada’s distributor, along with other watches like Nike, […]

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