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    October 2008

    ATI x1600 + Ubuntu 8.10 + Xorg 7.4 = Meh

    I made an impulsive decision today to upgrade my Ubuntu box from 8.04 LTS to 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex). In hind sight, that was not the best move, as I didn’t do any research, just made a slight change in the System -> Administration -> Software Sources application and hit the upgrade to 8.10. The reality […]

    When I was at PC World, I explained to anyone who’d listen that our editorial strategy was pretty simple: We had to be a Web site that had a magazine, not a magazine that had a Web site. That philosophy affected the decisions we made in 10,000 different ways. And it’s nice to see revenue figures that validate that approach.

    Harry reports that 38 percent of PC World’s Ad revenue comes from online—tops in AA’s special report. His quote doesn’t surprise me. I saw this trend back in 2007 with newspapers like the Globe and Mail whose online redesign totally affected the layout and presentation of the hard copy newspaper.

    RIP! A remix manifesto

    RiP: A remix manifesto is an open source documentary about copyright and remix culture. Created over a period of six years, the film features the collaborative remix work of hundreds of people who have contributed to this project, helping to create the world’s first open source documentary. I’ve been tracking this movie for several years. […]

    Courage to create

    UPDATED: I added some further thoughts on why I think MB Design is being really brave Mark Boulton and his team are the bravest designers I (don’t) know. I personally don’t know, but Mark Boulten & Leisa Reichelt intend to find out. Mark Boulten Design was recently chosen to redesign and to their credit, […]

    At this point, it’s better to tell people right up front, ‘We don’t know,’ as opposed to trying to put out numbers that we’ll be dissatisfied with in maybe less than a week. // To put numerical ‘certainty’ on the Canadian and Ontario outlooks at this point in time . . . seems silly – and potentially damaging if the outlook is used as a basis for short-term planning

    Peter Dungan, economist, from UofT’s Institute for Policy Analysis, which published a report entitled We Don’t Have a Clue and We’re Not Going to Pretend That We Do (via The Globe and Mail and

    It’s great that they are honest.

    Some good things about Drupal

    Frequently, I tag entries referring to Drupal on my web journal with “suckage“. It’s horrible, but the sense of frustration I’ve had with Drupal is greater than I have ever had with any other FLOSS CMS. That being said, there are some things that are really just awesome. Consequently, I’d like to talk about some […]

    One formal definition of insanity is doing the same thing twice and expecting a different outcome. Canada’s DMCA is, by this measure, insane — and so is the party that insists on ramming it through.

    From (via Michael Geist’s Blog) regarding the reintroduction of Bill C-61 if the Conservatives are elected to government.

    Cory Doctorow nails it. It’s insane that they’d re-introduce this bill in its current state. Moreover, I’m doubtful that they could really strike the balance that Canadians are looking for.

    For those who haven’t listened to it, you should check out the CBC’s Ideas podcast: Who Owns the Ideas. It’s a great introduction into the evolution of copyright law.

    Where is the Drupal Joy?

    I have always stood by the adage of using the “right tool for the right job”, and it is clear to me that in this case, Drupal was not the right tool for this site. It was however the right tool for me; using Drupal as the underlying CMS for this site has been a […]

    Resume is finally up and running

    So I finally had a chance to finish rebuilding my resume. It uses an identical “time line” metaphor from my old side, but this time it is standards compliant with a little bit of jQuery mixed into it. I’m working on my portfolio now. I am hoping that it will be done a bit more […]

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