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    March 2007

    USA National Collegiate Badminton Tournament

    USA National Collegiate Badminton Tournament 2007 Watch it. Love it. It’s nice to see non-professionals play. They make mistakes, which is nice to see. The men’s doubles final was kind of disappointing. The first set, you can tell that neither team was warmed up. Very short rallies.

    Finally got my new badminton racquets

    I just purchased 2 Victor Super Nano 5 badminton racquets from a buddy that works at TGH. Played with one last Tuesday. I’m happy with the racquet. Off hand, I would say it’s an good intermediate-advanced racquet. Well-balanced with med-stiffness. I can’t nearly as hard with it as my Woven 11, but it generates respectable […]

    Badminton: Tired as heck.

    So my brother had this great idea: Let’s run from his condo to the badminton club. GULP. It’s a 3.5 km run from Win’s condo to the club. It was pretty intimidating. I normally don’t run more than 4 km, and now I have to carry all my stuff with me (work clothes, racquets, etc.)—that […]

    New site design

    You’ll notice that things are looking very different around here. Nothing special. Just adding some functionality and experimenting with different site templates. This particular site template is based on (for the time being at least), on White and Wild by Rob Sable. The site has some neat features with many useful Textpattern plug-ins. The great […]

    Badminton: Not so good today.

    So I played badminton again at the club tonight. It turns out that the club is not that new. It was started in 1983. I learned this talking to Johnny, he’s a regular with the club. I got man-handled by a new player tonight. James, the “Cambodian Super Star”. Never seen him before. Holy crap. […]

    Mini-Review: Victor Power Waves 11 Badminton Racquet

    I was fortunate to play with a demo racquet tonight. A Victor Power Waves 11 that was lent to me by another member of the online badminton forums that I frequent. (I’m sure I’ve just lost the 3-4 readers that come here). However, what can you do? This is the sport that I’ve decided that […]

    Jen’s IQ is higher than mine

    So Jen had this great idea to participate in the CBC’s Test the Nation’s IQ test. I scored a 134 (which is about right from previous IQ tests that I had to do as a kid). Jen scored 136. Congrats honey. I knew I married a smart lady. -T

    Running day 1: 4.02 km in 30.35

    Since I was working at home today, I figured that I should go running. It was 12C today—great weather. I had planned to run the standard Davisville Rd. to Saint Claire Ave route. However, I was suffering from a massive right shin splint at the 1/2 way mark. Terrible. I ran too quickly. I walked […]

    Meet Isabelle Mie Jihae Choi

    Description Isabelle is sleeping, originally uploaded by Tai Toh. We arrived at Karen and Hyun’s condo shortly after 4pm. A group of people were already crowding around the crib. I snapped this shot of her sleeping. Had a great opportunity to see Isabelle Mie Jihae Choi this weekend. Karen and Hyun’s daughter is soooo cute.

    Past weekend

    The past weekend was quite busy. Free dinner at Mom and Pop’s house Friday was dinner at my Parent’s house. A rare occasion that I must make it a point to attend more. I mean, it’s free food that I don’t have to cook. And there are always leftovers. Tonnes of leftovers. Unfortunately, Kai was […]

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