My Orchid plant isn’t doing to well

For those of you not aware, I’ve always been pretty good at taking care of plants. Something I picked up from my mother I guess. Prior to moving out of my parent’s house, I took care of most of the house plants. I even planted and raised an apple tree in the back yard back when I was 13. It only started baring fruit about 3-years ago.

By far the most fascinating plants are the orchids that my mom keeps (some imported from Malaysia—illegally I believe). They are very difficult to manage. You almost have to “beg and plead” with them to bloom—but when they do—the flowers it will easily keep for 6+ months.

Now about 3-years ago, I won an orchid plant from Collin and Cheryl’s wedding. I’ve done pretty well with it—however, the condo that Jen and I purchased isn’t very conducive for plant growth.

It’s dark (we face the north-side), very dry and not so warm.

All of this means that the plant:

  1. Grows much slower than it should
  2. Began sprouting a stalk about 6-months than it normally should
  3. One of the blooms dried out shortly after it opened
  4. Two of the blooms are drying out, unopened on the stalk!

This is not cool.