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    February 2007

    If only happiness was so simple

    Cut your hair. I swear, cutting my hair is on a religious-level for me. It never fails to make me feel happier about myself. Granted, it’s almost automatic for me [Yes, I cut my hair myself], but it never ceases to amaze me how good about myself I feel. Anyways, I found out that there […]

    Alvin Ailey American Dance

    I almost forgot to write about this. Way back in 2006 when our realtor, Jack Wilkie, found out that Jen and I were patrons of the National Ballet, he implored us to watch the Alvin Ailey American Dance Company. Jen was able to score tickets for the February 17th matinée show at the Hummingbird Centre. […]

    Badminton Blues

    I played badminton again last night. It’s always a rude awakening for me when I see other players on the court. It’s not so much that I feel old, rather I feel a very deep sense of disbelief. I’m baffled at how “far I’ve fallen”. I’m slow on the court, inconsistent with all my shots, […]

    Information Visualization: Why does it matter?

    Often times I get discouraged, doing what I do. I mean, I design user interfaces and I document them so that people more proactive than I (The “Do-ers”) can build them. It’s a cool job; I love what I do and I don’t think that many people can say that about their jobs. All I […]

    Changing Daylight Savings in Gentoo

    I’ve had constant problems with keeping time on the server up and running. So much so, that I installed a Network Time Protocol (NTP) service to ping the NRC’s time server on every reboot. With the US shifting Daylight Savings Time (DST) a month back, I had to do some futzing around with the server […]

    My Orchid plant isn’t doing to well

    For those of you not aware, I’ve always been pretty good at taking care of plants. Something I picked up from my mother I guess. Prior to moving out of my parent’s house, I took care of most of the house plants. I even planted and raised an apple tree in the back yard back […]

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