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Tai Toh

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    November 2006

    Blogging Software: I pick the winners

    I sure know how to pick the winners. When I started IA Dynamo back in early 2004, I was confronted with 3 different blogging platforms: Textpattern Drupal WordPress In my wisdom, I chose Textpattern. Clearly, as determined by Google Trends, I chose the wrong system. I don’t think it would have made much of a […]

    Thoughts about Logos and Design

    I made an invoice yesterday, and while I was trying to manage the layout of the text, it occurred to me that my company, Pixels and Widgets Inc. doesn’t have a logo. Off I go looking at logos and conventions. I found this great site that really gave me insight into what it takes to […]

    Flickr Update: My Wedding

    Is it really extraordinary?, originally uploaded by jjso. TAI: I’ve always remarked that it seemed statistically improbable for us to find each other. So in that context, it does seem extraordinary. Jen and I got married this October 7th. We’ve created a massive photoset of about 280+ pictures. Click here to see more. Thoughts on […]

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