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Tai Toh

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    June 2006

    Busy, Busy != Productivity

    I was busy at work today. Unfortunately I didn’t get much work done. Busy being a manager and managing people. I’ve decided to take on the staff member from New Dehli and be his career manager. I figure if it doesn’t work out, well, it doesn’t work out. However, I think it’s the right thing […]

    The four things that are top of mind

    I’ve beent thinking about 4 things recently: Performance People Growth Personal Health Passion These four things sit heavily on my brain today. I’ve grown over the past few days. 1. Performance We just finished our annual performance reviews. This process was a stark contrast from the usual, in depth 360-degree reviews that we have done […]

    Tonnes of stuff

    I’ve been doing a tonne of stuff recently. Working on Imprints using Joomla CMS. Managed to convince the powers at work to use it for a pro-bono project for an AIDS research organization here in Canada. Should be cool stuff. I hope I can help out. On the Personal side, Jen and I finally found […]

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