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Tai Toh

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    December 2005


    Finally finished a total “emerge” of the server. Running the latest gentoo-sources kernel (2.6.14) all compiled under GCC 3.4.4. Sweet. -Tai

    World Community Grid – CPU Volunteerism

    I’ve started running some distributed computer programs using the excess computer hardware here at the condo. My dual-proc workstation and dual-proc linux server are normally idling 24/7. Figured I put it towards a good cause: The World Community Grid Project. World Community Grid’s mission is to create the largest public computing grid benefiting humanity. Our […]

    So many things

    Now that GCC 3.4.4 has been marked stable in the Gentoo Linux portage tree, I finally started the long and arduous process of recompiling every system package on the linux box. Still have to do the:

    Then I still have to configure and recompile the kernel. I think once this is all done. I […]

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