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Tai Toh

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    November 2005

    I want an iMac G5!

    I had been planning to replace my iBook (I know it isn’t the most positive post, but it has my specs, and most of my performance issues were solved when I upgraded to Panther) this year having hit the end of my 3-year upgrade cycle. Given a lackluster Macworld Expo 2005 in January and some […]

    Getting the Server up and Running

    So I’ve been messing around with the Linux box again. I’ve updated to MySQL 4.1.x and the newest version of Textpattern (4.02). Very sweet. I am still working on getting the mail server up and running (I’m so very close), but I wanted to get the site up and running again. Cheers, Tai

    Mac Envy

    The past two days at work, I have been setting up an old G4 500 MHz Powermac. We need it as a video editing and web compatibility testing box. Boy, was I envious. Now it isn’t much faster than my iBook (Late 2001 Dual USB), but I could tell right off that it was peppier […]

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