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    September 2003

    Jasmine Release Party II; Stiff Crowd

    From the “My first release party” Dept. Went down to the Revival with Ann tonight for the Jasmine Magazine release party, part deux. Met up with Nirvan and Thomas. A good turn out, lots of folks from Waterloo. Crowd was kind of the stiff. No vibe. A bummer really. I bumped into Chung, we must […]

    Car Wars: Online

    From the “I love slacking at work” Dept. Nick and I went downtown to the Second City Comedy Hall to view a small seminar on the Online Automotive Industry. Quite enlightening. Speakers ranged from Ford, Wunderman, BlastRadius (, ADEO (Nissan Canada – Shift_Expectations) and Volvo. It was interesting to see what other companies are doing. […]

    26 Year Bash

    From the “Older and Wiser” dept. Hey all, My Birthday passed last Saturday. Jen arranged dinner at Medieval Times, Toronto. I had a good time. I’ve been an Dungeons & Dragons nut for a while (although I don’t actively play anymore, I do own a set of there 3rd Edition Rules—just to read—No really, just […]

    Surprises for the 26th Birthday

    From the “A good string of luck” Dept. It was a great B-day. On Friday, I called Infonec Computers to get the status of my RMA. It finally came. So I rushed my ass there and picked up my new mobo with only 5-minutes to spare—the store was just about to close. I ran back […]

    Sound Body

    From the “Fatty vs Thin” Dept. I’ve decided to run an experiment. As of last Monday, I started running on the treadmill again. 20 minutes only. The first 8 minutes was at 8.5 Km/h, the second 8 minutes was at 9.0 Km/h and the final 4 minutes was at 10.0 Km/h. My goal is to […]

    Sound Mind

    From the “A great victory was won today” Dept. So after after more than 6 hours of deliberation, I finally convinced the team that my model for inter-application parameter passing was the correct, most user friendly implementation. It was a good day for your “Friendly Neighborhood Usability Guru”

    Weekend Review: Wendy and Henry

    From the “It has begun” Dept. Wendy and Henry got married on Saturday. It was a glorious day. The weather was perfect. No screw ups in the ceremony. It was great to see the two of them get hitched. I gave my pictures to Kevin. When he is done, he will have it uploaded to […]

    Weekend Cometh

    From “It’s been a hard week” Dept. I’ve been looking forward to the weekend—as I’m sure that all of you have. Wendy and Henry commit their marital nuptuals tomorrow—should be a fun time. I’m tired—seriously stressed the passed few days. I’ve been doing Quality Assurance on the applications that we are building; confirming business functionality. […]

    Managing Expectations: Must Kill Collin

    From the “Congrats to Collin and Cheryl” Dept. Cheryl and Collin got engaged last week while vacationing in Maui. Congratulations are in order! Unfortunately Collin didn’t consult the boyz and he ended up buying a 1.32 ct. daimond engagement ring. Punk. How are the boyz and I suppose to “manage“ the expectations of our women […]

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