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    August 2003

    Alas – No more Dual CPU love.

    From the “sad and blue—no dualie” Dept. I knew it was too good to last. At 8:45 pm this evening, my computer refused to boot – right after installing a new sound card (an Audigy2). The power supply seems fine. The mobo is DOA though. Man, first a fried CPU and now a fried mobo. […]

    Why 3D can’t work.

    From the “Information Visualization” Dept. I was chatting with some designers today and we started talking about next generation interfaces. One designer was thinking about 3D User Interfaces and how that would be a cool way of abstracting information display. I disagreed. My argument goes like this: Humans don’t see in 3D, but rather something […]

    Dual CPU Goodness & Badness

    From the “I hate Noise” Dept. Goodness: So my dual cpu computer is up and running. I feel the love. It seems stable. I ran Prime95 (prime number search) for 9 hours yesterday, stressing both my CPUs to 100%. No problems. Left MemTest86 running on my comp when I left this morning…i takes about 5 […]

    Even Stranger Dream.

    From the “Freud would have a field day” Dept. So I had this even stranger dream last night. In this dream, I have a dog. So I bring my pet to work, and I start neglecting it. By the end of the work day, I realise that I haven’t fed it nor have I taken […]

    Work Stuff Got You Down?

    From the “Too busy to blog” Dept. Work has been running me down recently. Jen has also been working hard—although it’s funny that I can’t really give her any sympathy. As I continue to grow in my chosen profession (Website Builder, I think it is called) I’ve come to realise several things: It’s okay to […]

    Computer – I’m so excited!

    From the “Dept of Computerdom” Dept. My CPU should be arriving today or tomorrow. Let’s hope all goes well. I have chosen WinXP Pro and Gentoo Linux to be the two Operating Systems that I want to use. I would normally run Debian, but the Kernel compile scares the bejezus out of me. I am […]

    No Dual-CPU love; Burninator

    From the “Trogdor the Burninator Says” Dept. Damn. I just fried one of my new cpus. Well, that’s what you get for trying to mod a cpu. I was aware of the risks, and I did screw up the paint job—too careless. I wasn’t paying attention. Man, it sucks when you can smell something burning […]

    GNU Go – Open source Go Game

    From the “Free Games” dept. I’ve been reading about Go recently. I actually purchased a beginner’s book called, “The Book of GO“. It’s a fascinating game which requires quite a bit of pattern recognition. I also found an interesting open source project (Free as in Beer and Freedom) called GNU Go. It would be interesting […]

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