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Tai Toh

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    July 2003

    More Ciphers? A new adventure.

    From the “Interesting Email” Dept. I received a comment today on my weblog regarding The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown; a book that Jen gave me. To recap, here is a quote from a past blog: It’s an interesting premise. Leonardo Da Vinci has placed a series of codes and ciphers in his works […]

    Progress Update: New Site Validates!

    From the “Moving forward, never backwards” Dept. News Flash! My beta site finally validates: My new site Things to do: Need a new logo Need to reorganize site layout to remove extranneous pages and content Create Templates for other pages and remove Javascript pop-ups. Relay out the page using CSS2 and inclusion/exclusion techniques Get text […]

    New Books: Exciting.

    From the “I don’t think it turns anyone’s crank but mine” Dept. So I ordered two books from Designing With Web Standards by Jeffrey Zeldman Speed Up Your Site: Web Site Optimization by Andrew B. King I know that they don’t sound too interesting, but I’m hyped. They should arrive Friday. Cheers, Tai

    5 Km Run.

    From the “Harder, Faster, Stronger” Dept. Ran 5 Km with my brother and his girlfriend. It was pretty bad. I’ve been so sporadic with my running that it’s really become quite umbearable at times. I should really try to get out more often. From the “Fatty, Fat, Fat, Fat” Dept. I weighed myself today: 160 […]

    To all my female friends.

    From the “This is what my coworkers and I talk about” Dept. Before I forget, I just wanted to relay to all my female friends a simple strategy to help you cope with your boyfriends/husbands. My coworkers and I were talking about arguments with our “better” halves. Margaret, who is married, said that her husband […]

    Fun Facts about Me; Not so funny, I think.

    From the “Okay, I might as well do it” Dept. I received this email quiz about me. Rather than reply, I figured it would be a good blog subject. Read below: What time is it? 12:13 AM EST Name: Tai Name as it appears on birth certificate: <redacted> Nicknames: Yip, Yipster, Yippy-Ki-Yay. Number of candles on […]

    Cools Sites; CSS.

    From the “I am stupefied and amazed” Dept.” I don’t know if this is of any interest to anyone, but you guys have to check out this site: CSS Zen Garden It really showcases what you can do with Cascading Style Sheets. All the page variations are based off the same HTML content. It’s amazing […]

    Stuff; Personal, Professional & Financial

    From the “Personal” Dept. I basically took this weekend to tune out. I had a hard week at work last week and I was just too exhausted to do much of anything. Didn’t really want to see anyone or do anything. I get like that sometimes. Spent some time with Jen this afternoon. We don’t […]

    First Blog for July; Too Busy.

    From the “3 Week Recap” Dept. It’s kind of sad how inconsistent I’ve become with my weblog. First post in three weeks. Let’s run through some of the stuff I’ve been doing: Canada Day Weekend – (June 26th-July 1st) – Had an awesome time white water rafting with my friends. Pictures can be found on […]

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