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    June 2003

    Ottawa Weekend; Good times ahead.

    From the “It should be hype” Dept. Going to Ottawa for the weekend. Right now, all I have planned is a one-day white-water rafting trip. Unfortunately we have a 12-person boat—my brother says that it’s not as exciting as the 6-person size. Still, I’m excited. Should be fun. Cheers, Tai

    5KM Run; Bloody Hot.

    From the “Damn, it is Hot Outside!” Dept. My brother and I went for a 5 km run this evening. Even though it was 10:30 at night, it was still 26°C. However, when you included humidity, it felt like 31°C (88°F for those of you state-side). It made for a really muggy run today. Overall, […]

    Insight; Passionless Tai.

    I was on the train and slightly motion sick as I attempted to read about the new Porsche 911 X50. So, I decide to write about an interesting conversation I had with Warren, a new project manager who joined OnX about 3 weeks ago. Warren and I travelled down to Auburn Hills to meet with […]

    New Site in Beta mode.

    From the “Worse than Microsoft” Dept. Hey Guys, I finally got around moving my stuff off my iBook and onto my server (shameless plug—hosted by You can take a look at my site while I build it. So far, my CSS stylesheet is 100% valid. My XHTML Strict webpage needs a lot of work […]

    Nitrogen rocks; keeping chips crispy

    From the “This Just In” Dept I was in the mood for salt, so I went to the vending machine to buy a bag of corn chips (a childhood favourite of mine) for 75-cents. I opened the bag, smelled an acrid odour and took a bite of what turned out to be a stale, rancid […]

    Old Friends; good times.

    From the “Back in the day when I was young…” Dept “…I’m not a kid anymore, but some days I wish was a kid again.” So my friend Janice came back to TO after spending most of the last 8 years in Hong Kong. It’s interesting, how old friends who haven’t seen each other in […]

    Late night; Can’t sleep.

    From the “For the first time in my life, I am awake” Dept. The above line is a famous quote from a neuropsychological case study of a retro-anterograde amnesiac known only as “H”. “H” couldn’t remember his past (retrograde), nor can he encode new memories (anterograde). His life was eternally in the present. He could […]

    Lots of things on my Mind;

    From the “I don’t know if I’m smart enough” dept. At work I’ve been confronted by some interesting conceptual problems. The first is centers around XML driven site design for one of the projects that the Creative Team at OnX is undertaking. However, it is my firm belief that it represents a greater problem that […]

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