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    February 2003

    Making it Big: I’m on Edward Tufte’s Site!

    From the “Mediocrity can get you a long way!” Dept. I’m amazed at what I can find on the web. I was looking at Weblogs for inspiration on what type of graphics are suitable for a Weblog. I was reading an information design piece at I clicked on the Gantt Chart Graphics link to […]

    Introvert?! I’ll Introvert You!

    From the “This Just in…” Dept. I just had to ring in on this subject before I hit the hay. Here is a excerpt of Jonathan Rauch’s Caring for Your Introvert: “With their endless appetite for talk and attention, extroverts also dominate social life, so they tend to set expectations. In our extrovertist society, being […]

    How about this?

    From the “Right-side of the Brain” Dept. Last night I was on crack. Looking back, the logo that I made wasn’t very good. So I made a quick one that made more sense to me. Changes include: Font: Changed the Geneva Font to Franklin Gothic No.2. I felt that the font was too thin, and […]

    Looking Glass

    From the “Student Loan Blues” Dept. I’ve been looking at the state of my student loan recently. I realise that now, if any time, is the best time for me to begin to aggressively pay back my student loan (just over $10 K CDN). The way I see it, I have two approaches: Option A: […]

    The Weekend.

    From the “Weekend Review” dept. Another weekend has come and gone—they are never long enough. Jen was visiting again from Vancouver. As always, I ended up spending a lot of time with her. We finally went to “the Groto on Main”, an Italian Restaurant on Unionville Mainstreet that we’ve been interested in going to. We’ve […]

    Update: New Site on the Way

    From the “Yeah, we’ve heard this one before…” Dept Hi all, I’ve been promising a new site for about a month and a half now, and I’m happy to say that if things go well, it will be rolled out sometime next week. Granted, the site won’t look too different, but for me, v2 is […]

    St. Valentine’s Day Weekend

    From the “I was tricked…” Dept. I had a pretty glorious weekend with Jen. We didn’t do much for the weekend, but we spent a lot of time joking about me being her “pimp“and how I was prividing my “Number 1 Ho” with some bling, bling. To be serious though, Jen and I don’t really […]

    Speeding up Microsoft Word v.X

    From the “Only of interest to those who own a Mac” Dept. I use Microsoft Word 2000 at work for word processing, but recently I’ve been using my iBook. Now normally I would use my PC, but I am currently working on a large technical document and I needed the added oomph of 640 MB […]

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