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    January 2003

    Sick, yet again.

    Being Sick Sucks My cough has gotten worse since it popped back up last Thursday. It’s pretty bad as it keeps me up at nights well past 4:00 am. I think I’m getting better now. Tai

    The War Continues; Sick in Detroit

    The war with Mr. Ng goes on So I bought a wireless router this week. I figured it was time to jump on the bandwagon and follow in the footsteps of Kev. My setup was infinitely easier—10 minutes and I was rolling. As they say, “Everything is easier on a mac.” I will end up […]

    1-year Anniversary; Finances

    Pixelsandwidgets 1-Year bash! I wish there was something more interesting to write about, but there really isn’t. I could talk about my aspirations to be a comic book superhero, or how this weekend I worked on OnX stuff, but I digress. So I renewed my Domain and Webhost again. I’ll try to do a refresh […]

    The week is almost over.

    So close, yet so far. Hi all, I’ve had a pretty difficult week at work. Still trying to catch up as I type this blog. Hmm, congratulations out to Jen’s little brother, Benjamin for landing a job at Pharmacia for his co-op work term. Jen is back this weekend. So I’ll be spending some time […]

    Motor City!

    In Detroit Took the 7:00 AM train with Brian (Software Architect) and George (Project Manager) from Union Station (Downtown TO) to Windsor. Crossed the border in a rented car at about 11:45 PM. Got to the Hotel at 12:15 AM. Big presentation tomorrow for Sign off on one of the major deliverables that I am […]

    Spending time with the Mom

    Spending time with my Mom Now that it is pretty much official that my mom won’t be working anymore, I decided to spend some time with her this afternoon. We watched TV together. A&E had their original telefilm, “Jane Austen’s Emma” on in the afternoon. My mom and I watched it. It wasn’t the greatest […]

    Moving Coasters: The Movie.

    It’s no Lord of the Rings, but it’s a start This is a proof of concept movie called Moving Coasters. Moving Coasters Movie [Quicktime] [16 sec] [812 KB]   You’ll need Apple Quicktime to view the movie. It’s a stop motion animation film I made with my DV cam. It took a total of 25 […]

    Hot Flashes!

    I’m only 25 and I’m having hot flashes So for the past week and a half, I haven’t been sleeping very well. It basically goes like this: I go to bed and at 5 am I wake up. I wake up because I’m burning hot! I can’t go back to bed because I’m so hot, […]

    Bought & Wants

    I am a Geek Bought: 80 GB External Firewire Harddrive – $ 411 CDN. Want: New Apple Hardware – Powerbook 12” G4 I’m horrible. I’ve been trying to convince myself that the harddrive is for Jen, because I need the space to edit her dance routine, but who am I kidding? It’s for me. I’m […]

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