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    December 2002

    Norwalk Virus: Not 100% recovered.

    Almost there First of all, I’m pissed because I’ve missed out on so much stuff this weekend: Ginette’s going away party, the Kris Kringle at Stan’s, and the Festive Christmas Dinner at Dominic’s (where I was suppose to cook the turkey). I’ve missed out on 4 days of Christmas shopping that can’t possibly get done, […]

    Norwalk Virus: Epilogue

    Feeling like Sunshine Well, I’m not totally fine yet, but the major symptoms have stopped. I still have some minor gastritis (READ: GAS), but no more diarrhea—thank goodness. Over the last 72 hours, I’ve completely lost track of how many “bathroom breaks” I’ve taken. However, one thing that is interesting to note is that I […]

    I’m a Risk.

    I should just… I should just dump whatever food that I’m eating into toilet. It goes through me that fast. I actually ate some solid food today. I think the Environment Canada should come to my house and dedicate my ass illegal under the Kyoto Protocol. I’m producing so much methane and foul smelling gas, […]

    Interesting Fact: Norwalk Virus

    My Favourite Jeopardy Category Hey Guys, Here are some interesting facts about the Norwalk Virus. The Norwalk Virus is sperical in shape.   The Norwalk Virus is named after Norwalk, Ohio, where the first recorded outbreak occurred in 1968. Over 115 teachers and pupils became sick in an elementary school. In 1972, electron microscopy discovered […]

    Norwalk Virus: Day 3

    This virus has really ruined my weekend Sucks to be me right now. Can’t do anything. Need to be near a toilet at any moment (if you get my drift). Apparently Karen has been hit with the Norwalk Virus as well. Gosh. This virus is rampant. Between Karen and I, I know 5 other people […]

    Norwalk Virus: Day 2

    Just some thoughts I’m amazed at how fast the Norwalk Virus hit me. We’re talking about 30 minutes for the onset of symptoms. I just hope that I’m not a disease vector. It’s funny, but I feel really cut off from the world. I’ve basically told my family to avoid me until I’m better. Since […]

    I have the Norwalk Virus.

    It’s coming out of both ends. I didn’t feel well during the drive back from work. In the past hour and a half, I have thrown up twice, and had the “explosive” diarrhea like 6 times. I’ve quarantined the downstair bathroom. I won’t be able to do anything for the next four days. I won’t […]

    Kev and his Wireless Network.

    News Flash Kev has started the arms race again by building a 802.11b wireless network in his house. He can now surf the Internet wirelessly. Damn him! Looks like I’ll be making a trip to futureshop tomorrow. Now, I’ve often wondered what I would do with a wireless network. I mean, what would could you […]


    This is for FLO CHOW! It has come to my attention recently that my blogs lack a certain, um, flare. READ: They are not juicy enough. Well, I happen to know that at this moment, someone we all know is messing with another someone we all know. You know, a certain little, “something, something.” How’s […]


    Ouch I think I had my first back spasm today. I was bending over to use the water cooler…and POW! Wow. That hurt. -T

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