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Tai Toh

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    November 2002

    Web Redesign Step 2: Original Site Map

    After 1 hour of work last night Hi guys, Step 2 of my web site redesign is to create a site map of the current Pixels & Widgets site (current as of yesterday). I had built it last night, but Visio2000 was giving me headaches so I finished it off at work this morning. Why […]

    Julie has a New Site

    I should really read those MSN Messenger Handles For the longest time, I’ve been puzzled as to why Julie has changed her MSN Messenger handle. Normally it’s Jules, I believe (although I could be wrong) For the past 2 weeks, this is what I’ve seen: It’s obvious that I’ve been too lazy to expand my […]

    Pixels and widgets version 2.0

    It’s time for a refresh I’ve decided to spend one hour a day redesigning my site using the skills that i have picked up as an Information Architect at Here is Phase 1- Macro Design:   Step 1: Solution Outline Step 2: Current Site map Step 3: Current Content Inventory Step 4: Revised Site […]

    Good Weekend.

    Wow, busy, busy, busy Authors note:Just want to say that this blog contains very little intrinsic exposition. It’s very light reading. I’ll be working in the future to try harder an make my “musings” more interesting.   Hey all, it’s been about two weeks since I last wrote in my blog. I really need to […]

    My new cousin.

    “Baby, on board—Oh how I adore…” For those who read my log, you may remember that my uncle and aunt had a baby girl recently. She was 2 months premature and came in at a whopping 2 pounds and 3 ounces. Well, it’s 6 weeks later, and she was released from the hospital last week. […]


    I haven’t been sleeping very well recently. For the past 3 nights, I’ve been lying in bed awake passed 2:00 am. I was just walking down the stairs from the 2nd floor to the 1st and it hit me. Last night, I dreamt that I was breakdancing. Specifically I was dreaming that I was doing […]

    Mommy Dearest

    My mom has sass! My mom quit her job at the K-Bro Linens factory. I found out this morning when I saw her in the kitchen (she’s usually out of the house at 6 am—well before I’m awake). She just walked off the floor. I’m unhappy with the circumstances (pretty dodgey if you ask me) […]

    Mmm, Beef

    Mmm…corned beef! I’m amazed how everyday, dull foods can taste so good…It’s 1:45 pm right now, and I’m having my corned beef sandwich on rye with a slice of swiss cheese. Today, I had a bran muffin for breakfast. I’m starving. My sandwich tastes gourmet. Mmm… -T

    Time to myself

    Weekend Review Hey all, I find that the 5-10 minutes I spend waiting for my father to leave Seiko (We car pool together) is basically the only timee I have to write in my blog. Thank the lord for mobile computing. Aside: A woman just pulled up beside me…she looked at me funny. What’s so […]

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