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    October 2002

    Ho Hum.

    Waiting for my computer So I’m finally getting Visio 2002 Professional. To be honest, I really don’t know how to use Visio very well, but it’s considered a necessary tool when you’re doing IA and Usability. I’m interested in how it tracks website flows (one of it’s new features…and perhaps the most important in my […]

    Great Weekend: Golf, Dinner…Kev’s B-day

    I wish I was the Naked Chef Perhaps I should start off to say that Kev’s B-day was a nice, low-key intimate affair. I spent Friday evening dressing $60 CDN Prime Rib Roast. Triple A, Canadian Beef, Baby! In hindsight, I wished I had taken some before and after pictures of the food. I showed […]

    How Embarrassing

    Went out to lunch to pick up some McDonald’s Drive-thru. I had placed the cup of Coke in between my legs while driving. By the time the car ride was over, I had this nice brown wetspot to the right side of my groin. To add insult to injury: They didn’t pack a straw with […]

    Jen and her Folk Dancing

    Hi guys, Every Sunday, Jen participates in a cultural folk dancing class. I took some video on my digital camera about 2 weeks ago. It’s an Apple Quicktime Movie, so if you don’t have it, you should get the latest plug-in for your OS and browser. Downloading Quicktime 6 is pretty simple. Here’s the movie: […]


    Hey Guys, Well, I’m not sure if you have all heard, but I recently started a new full-time job with OnX Enterprise Solutions. They are an IT consulting firm. You’ve probably seen their sign, on the building near the Leitch building while travelling on HWY. 404/DVP. I’m working there as a Usabililty Specialist. I’m Ecstatic […]

    Bushwhacking in Rouge Valley

    “I wanna be an Adventure Racer! Living the Life of full of…” Hey all. Yesterday Afternoon, my brother and I went for a hike in Rouge River Park. We hiked for about 2 hours up and down the Rouge Valley. Not a bad hike, but nothing compared to the terrain in Algonquin. I think my […]

    Open Source Software Usability

    It’s so true, so true — Open source software is difficult to use Matthew Thomas is a UI programmer for the Mozilla Project. He has written an insightful list of rules for why the ease-of-use for Open Source Project tends to suck. Why Free Software usability tends to suck He also wrote a follow up […]

    Temptation of Tech: .Mac

    I’m so tempted to buy…. Hi guys, Just want to write about one of the things that I’m going through. Recently I’ve been tempted to upgrade my .Mac account (it is pronounced dot Mac). It would be $49 USD for a a single year subscription (that is about $75 CDN). This is what I would […]

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