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Tai Toh

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    September 2002

    Stripped down to numbers

    From the “we’re all numbers” Dept. Today I realised that my life can be deconstructed to a base of approximately 6 numbers. I had to go and get a temporary drivers’ license today, renew my OHIP card, and then pick up some trial contact lense from my optometrist. I go to the Ministry of Transport […]

    New Website Functionality!

    From the “I really don’t think it’s THAT useful” Dept. I took the time lastnight and this morning to configure and setup an email form. So for those of you who need to email me, but can’t access your hotmail account (because of a firewall) and the computer that you’re on doesn’t have an email […]


    From the “My site is starting to shape up” Dept. Hey Guys, I’d like to inform you of new content on my site: NEW!Added a Photos Section that details my April and August trips to Algonquin . Updated my Resume Section. NEW!Added a Portfolio section to some of my web work since 1999. I’ll try […]

    Moving along

    From the “Life is passing me by” dept. Hey guys, Haven’t been posting much. I’ve scanned in some picks from algonquin, and I’m organizing them in an album (still messing with a good layout). Here are some shots: Samantha (my new cousin) took her first unassisted breaths of air today. That’s a big step for […]

    Weekend Review: Algonquin, a New Toh in the Family.

    From the “Algonquin Review” Dept.” Hey guys, My brother, Win, his girlfriend, Jean, and Jen and I were in Algonquin this Labour Day weekend. We did a pretty easy hike of 23 Km over 3 days (two nights). Pretty relaxing. Nothing like when I was there in April. Probably the most interesting thing was that […]

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