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    August 2002

    Back from Vancouver. Cam’s Dream.

    from the “Grass is Greener on the other side” Dept Hey guys, Got back Yesterday afternoon. I writing about the stuff I did in Vancouver, some thoughts on each, etc…. However, I’ve taken the liberty of archiving the messages to the date, so to see what I did last Saturday, scroll down the list (or […]

    Flight back to TO. Flat Tire.

    It was an adventure trying to get home. The flight was delayed over an hour, and the cab I took blew it’s tire on HWY 407. Geez…took me a long time to get home. I even helped put on the spare tire—because the Taxi driver was incompetent…. We haggled at my house and I paid […]

    The Grouse Grind. My Cousin Redeems Himself.

    From the “I’d rather do the CN TOWER Stair climb anyday” Dept. Jen and I woke up at 7:30 am Sunday. We changed, ate a light breakfast, packed our Gatorade, water, and TREK drinks into my North Face Galileo day bag. The drive up to Grouse Mountain is beautiful. You drive through Stanley Park, over […]

    Take off from TO to Vancouver

    My flight from TO to Vancouver was really uneventful. In fact it almost felt like “easy and convenient” air travel. I saw “Men with Brooms” for the in-flight movie and I enjoyed it immensely. Sure the acting wasn’t Oscar calibre, and all of the “Canadiana” propoganda was directed towards the “white, male/female Canadian” demographic—it was […]

    Going to the West Coast

    From the “going to Vancouver” Dept. Going to Vancouver for the weekend. I’ll try to finish off a roll of film. BTW, the Interview went okay, I was good, but I wasn’t great. I find out next week. Tai


    From the “man, what an interview” Dept. Hey Guys, I’d love to write more about the interview, but all I’m willing to say is that the interview went well. I was good, but not great. I’ll find out by Next week. -T

    Job Interview: Longview Systems

    From the “Anxiety – Just like Co-op” Dept. I have a job interview for a full-time position tomorrow. Longview Solutions (since 1994) is based out of Markham. They make an centralized integrated product suite called Khalix—a financial analytics tool that does: Analysis, Budgeting, Forecasting, Consolidation, Planning, Reporting, and more… Runs off a Unix Server and […]

    Happy and Sad :: Kind of.

    From the “Is it my breath? Do I smell?” Dept. Well, yesterday marks a new day in Byron’s life. He moved to Ottawa yesterday and starts a new full-time job with the WSIB. All my guy friends are leaving me. <sigh> Perhaps it’s a sign. From the “Geez, I hope Jen doesn’t find out” Dept. […]

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