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    July 2002

    Mac Vs. the PC. To Serve or Not to Serve?

    From the “I’ll Show you Fast!!!” Dept. Hi there. What’s faster, A Dual-1Ghz PowerMac, or a similarly priced x86-based computer? Recently two articles were published by two reputable sources pitting Mac-based and x86-based (AMD/Intel) hardware against one another. The MacNightOwl wrote a rather interesting article using the famous “Photoshop-bake-offs” demonstrated by Steve Jobs, CEO of […]

    Weekend Review: Roxy Blu, BBQ, Jen’s Co-workers

    From the “Roxy Blu Blues” Dept. So this Friday, Aneil, Eric, Cris, Flo, Le, Rob, Warren, Rinki, Joyce and I went out to Roxy Blu. It was okay. I wasn’t a fan of the music that they were playing. The DJs were mixing these Retro, 70’s inspired, Fusion Jazz House beats. It wasn’t bad, but […]

    Two Interesting Facts

    From the “Psychomotor Repository” Dept.” Hey all, Just wanted to talk about two facts that I found out recently…something that I’ve been wondering for years… Sometimes as I lie in bed, right before I fall asleep—I’ll jerk up awake in a rather violent “twitch”. Now I know that this doesn’t sound to interesting, in fact, […]

    My Mac Infactuation: The Bait and Switch

    From the “Mac’s are sooo much more expensive than a PC” Dept. Hi all, Just wanted to rant about how my favourite computer company is doing some very bad things to its loyal supporters. In December 2001 I purchased a top of the line iBook from Apple Computer for just over $3000 CDN. Specs for […]

    Week(s) in Review: Wasaga to TONIC

    Hey all, I’ve think I’ve vacuumed my house 3 times since I got the Hoover. The floors seem to be bereft of dust (human skin cells now). That’s definitely a good thing. Some things that have happened since I last wrote: I finished my contract at Critical Path; Update: Just got paid (Tuesday) working on […]

    Battle against the Dust-Bunnies

    From the “Eek, my house is filthy” Dept. Hi All, Another untimely update from your friendly, neighborhood Usability Specialist. Last week, I was in the zone, working like a madman to finish my deliverables for Critical Path. Whew…sometimes, I have to admit, I even manage to impress myself. I was really focused, and super productive. […]

    My Long Weekend: Day 2 of 3

    From the “Canada Day Long Weekend” Dept. Well, it’s 11:30pm Sunday night. It is Day 2 of my 3 day long weekend. I have to admit, it’s very difficult to work when you’re suppose to be on holiday. I’ve managed to complete 1 1/2 reports of the 4 reports that are suppose to be done. […]

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