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Tai Toh

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    May 2002

    A Most Wondrous Shareware App

    From the “Highly Technical and Esoteric” Dept. Okay guys, you’ve been warned. For the past few days, I’ve been using a most wondrous shareware app. It’s a called LaunchBar, and it’s only for Mac OS 10.1. What does it do? It eliminates most of the mousing that I have to do on my iBook. How […]

    Lunch, Tired Feet, Mental Clarity

    Lunch It’s Lunch time right now, for me at least. I realise that most people don’t eat lunch at 2:00 pm in the afternoon, but that seems to be the time I get hungry here are Critical Path. I wish I could show you guys some of the stuff I’m working on. It’s light years […]

    End of the Day at CP

    Well, it’s nearing the end of the day here at CP. I’m sitting at the same desk, typing on the same computer—it’s almost like nothing has changed. My task here is definitely daunting, and will prove to be very challenging over the next 6 weeks. I have to analyse the product suite that CP produces. […]

    Back at CP

    So I started (or perhaps “re-started” is a better word) work at CP again. It’s a small contract for two, possibly three user tests over a 6-week period. A part of me hopes that it will be extended beyond that, but since it took 5 ½ months for my cracker-jack, 6-week contract to come through, […]

    Pocari Sweat, Flo’s B-day, Introspection

    From “Japanese Drink Emporium” Dept. So I tried Pocari Sweat today. It has the faint smell of grapefruit juice. It tastes like watered down grape fruit juice, but has a very smooth finish. No discernable acidity or bitterness. There’s a delicate balance of sweetnes and saltiness in play. Over all, it’s very flat (like distilled […]

    Gifts from Japan

    From the “Japan Theme Blog today” Dept. Hi all, Took an extended break from the blog. Nothing really to blog about. Last week: Went out with Byron to find a Mashimaro for his girlfriend Kim. Went to Pacific Mall (a hop, jump and a step from where I live). My take on Mashimaro? Well, from […]

    Spider-Man :: The Movie

    From the “Does what ever a spider can” Dept. Hey you “Spidey Fans”, I saw Spider-man: The movie with Ann, Dominic, Leo, Clement, Vicky, and Sheila. I’d have to say that it’s the most watchable comic book adaptation I’ve ever seen on the big-screen. The “most watchable”? Well, it isn’t the best, but I think […]

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