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    April 2002

    Off I Go.

    From the “Damn it’s early” Dept. Hey all, Woke up at 5:30am today. Blah. There’s snow on the ground. Blah. I’ll be back Sunday. Hope things go well. Happy Birthday Win. Cheers, Tai

    Toh-Bro Eco Challenge 2002 :: Team Profile

    From the “Choosing a Team Name” Dept. I mentioned that the five of us needed a team name. I’ve been thinking long and hard about this, but nothing has come up. From the “Team Profile” Dept. Unfortunately I was too busy today to get this part of my blog up and running. I had to […]

    Toh-Bro Eco-Challenge 2002 Update :: Route and Food

    From the “Mapping and Orienteering” Dept. For those of you who are curious, I’ve scanned in some images of the route that me, my brother and his friends are taking. We’re leaving the house at 6:30 am, Friday. We’ll be entering Algonquin’s West-Gate (Red Arrow), just northeast of Dorset, Ontario. Day 1: The team will […]

    More details :: Toh-Bro Eco Challenge 2002

    From the “Weather” Dept. Looks like things are picking up for Toh-Bro Eco Challenge 2002. I got this from Environment Canada: Text Forecast  from Environment Canada Algonquin: Issued 11.00 AM EDT Tuesday 23 April 2002 Friday :: A mix of sun and cloud. Low 2. High 11. Saturday :: Sunny. Low plus 1. High 12. […]

    Into the Woods.

    From the “Freeze my ass in Algonquin” Dept. Hi all (‘all’ meaning the 10 or 12 of you who read this weblog), I’‘ve actually planned a trip into Algonquin Park this coming weekend with my brother and his friends. It was suppose to be six of us, but Leo (my partner) backed out two days […]

    Spreading some creamy, UI goodness

    From the “So ERGOnomical, it hurts” dept “UI Goodness” is an affectionate term for good User Interface Design that my former co-worker, Mike, would often say. I admire Mike; he’s an artist and a geek. Unfortunately, I can only emulate the latter. On the topic of UI goodness, I saw a few things on the […]

    Friday Night at Roxy Blu – Garage416

    From the “high school flashback” Dept. Went clubbing last night at Roxy Blu. Had a good time. A lot of Waterloo people there. A lot of old high school chums. Seeing all those people brought back a lot of memories from university and high school. Back in high school, I was what some people, most […]

    Three Wonderful Years.

    From the “I Love Jennifer So” Dept. I just want to say that the past three years with Jen have been great. I am only so lucky to have found a girlfriend that understands me as well as she; how I love her so. To meet a person that I can love, and for someone […]


    I saw my grandmother yesterday. For those of you who don’t know my grandmother, she is 87 years-old and underwent total-hip replacement surgery on Jan 11th to repair (well, replace actually) her left hip which suffered a spiral fracture after a fall in December. I took her to the hospital for her post-operation checkup (she’s […]


    Hey all, I upgraded to the newest version of MovableType, the PERL-based engine that renders my weblog. Some headaches with the upgrade, although I think things work. I’ll eventually wipe the site and rebuild. I finally seemed to have broken the inertia that has kept me from finishing this site, so you should be seeing […]

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