Skeletons in the Closet

From the “Cleaning my Closet” Dept.

Started cleaning out my closet just after lunch.

Some of the things that I found:

  • A bag full of Plastic Bags
  • An old RC control Car from Radio Shack
  • A mint condition G.I. Joe, Cobra B.A.T.
  • Old assignments from Kindergarten to about Grade 1
  • Book 3 – Boats to Cereals, of the Golden Book Encyclopedia, published in 1959 —a gift from my grade 1 teacher, Ms. J. Roberrtson, to my mother
  • A box full of Archie, Garfield and Calvvin and Hobbes comics
  • A box of learn Chinese and English Flash cards — these obviously went unused

Some Diamonds in the Rough:

There’s still a lot of stuff in the closet….DAMN!