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I'm a product person by trade. Doing VP-ish stuff around Toronto.

March 2002

The Brotherhood of the Stag

From the “Who will get married first” Dept. This particular log is meant to immortalize a pact between three friends — Three Men. Oh, and Dave was thrown in too. So that’s FOUR men. Count ‘em, four men. The following are excerpts from an MSN chat I had with Byron and Kevin: It started with […]

Artificial Intelligence

Jen and I watched A.I. yesterday—Stanley Kubrick, as realised by Steven Spielberg. It was a wholly forgetable movie. Except for Teddy. Jen liked Teddy. But I think most women are prone to like fuzzy, cute things. Anyways, as I was telling Kevin—better yet, I’ll just show you the MSN Log: Cheers, Tai

Remembering the past few days; a retrospect

Seems I’ve been too lax on the update of my weblog. From the “When Information Dies” Dept. I’ve always sucked at keeping a journal. Unknownst to most, I actually kept a journal for my last year of High School and the first year of University. It’s a long text file that resides on the old […]

First Page Up.

Hey all, you can see the first page of pixels and widgets. I tried to keep simple and elegant. None of the other pages are up, but they will look rather similar I think. Now If I can only get the damn weblog to appear properly. Cheers, Tai.

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