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Tai Toh

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    February 2002

    thoughts on Human Factors

    Cam Ngo mentioned something in passing that I wanted to touch-base upon. Here’s a brief excerpt of an conversation that we had. Tai Toh says: Good luck….btw, have you started reading the book we gave you? Dem Canucks can skate (y) says: yep Dem Canucks can skate (y) says: Pretty interesting Tai Toh says: nice. Dem Canucks can skate […]

    A late night conversation with Jen

    It’s 3:00 am, Sunday, February 24th, 2002. I had just gotten into bed after watching a late night show of MissionHill (a cartoon from the Canadian version of CartoonNetwork, Teletoon). Jen started talking in her sleep. This is what she said: Jen: What animal did you put? Tai: WHAT?! Jen: What animal did you put? […]

    Proud to be a KINadian and all that jazz.

    Today was an exciting day for Hockey fans across North America. Yes, even for the Americans; it was a great game. Canada ended up with 17 medals this year, besting our showing in Nagano by two (and with 6 gold medals to boot). Not too shabby. Got to love it. Had an interesting experience while […]

    Things that I do for my girlfriend

    Good day folks. I like to think of myself as an open kind of guy, willing to experience new things, sensations, etc. However, I continually amaze myself by just how far I’m willing to go. Take tonight for instance: I’m going to “Les Ballet jazz de MontrŽeal“ with Jen. Apparently, “The company has always been […]

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