Christmas Passes

Yet again, another year has gone by.


Many “firsts” happened this year. Jen and I moved in together. We purchased our first home. We got married.

What else is left?

Some goodbyes too. We saw the passing of Jen’s grand parents. Cris is leaving us too…although to the fine city of Chicago, Illinois.

I said good buy to the people at Sapient. Now I work at the super secret start-up.

It’s been a fun and not so fun year. As always. I wouldn’t take it back.

Wii surprises.

I’d figure that getting a game console would be a great way to burn-off stress. That was my opinion until I started playing Trauma Centre: Second Opinion for the Nintendo Wii.

Great game. F**king stressful though. It’s perhaps the most enjoyable game to observe too. It’s a Medical soap-opera simulator. You play a new doctor at a Hospital. The surgical gameplay is inter-cut with soap-opera stories involving the staff of the hospital.

Jen and I were playing it. I had given her one task: Keep an eye on the vitals of the patient while she observed me removing the tumors on the patients lower intestine.

I went to bed angry last night.